Types of Dogs

Black Newfoundland Puppy

Newfoundland Puppy

How many different types of dogs are there?

Well, if you have been thinking of buying a new dog or maybe you already have a dog and have been thinking about getting a second one, you will know that there are so many different dog breeds available, that it can be a bit overwhelming. With the many different choices, it can be really difficult deciding which dog would suit you, or your family and more importantly if you have children, whether a particular breed would be suitable around children.

Take a look below for an overview of the variety of dog breeds available. Here are some links to the most popular. You can find more breeds from the menu on the left.

We also have lots of articles offering help and advice about how to look after your dog. Here are a few.

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Sporting Dogs

This dog breed is usually very alert and attentive. This makes them well likeable and overall they will have good character and personality. Popular breeds within this group are the Retrievers, Spaniels, Setters, Pointers and many more. Often very active dogs, potential owners should realize that they will need regular exercise.

Hound Dogs

A good proportion of the Hounds share an ancestry involved with hunting, often used by noblemen in times past. Many have an excellent sense of smell whilst others have a keen eye and good stamina. Amongst this group you may find Afghan hounds, Beagles etc. As with the Sporting dogs, these breeds will need plenty have room and exercise.

Working Dogs

This type of dog has been bred specifically to carry out tasks. Whether it’s guarding sheep to pulling heavy loads on sleds, mountain rescue to water rescue duty, they were bred to work. Classic examples are the Doberman pinscher, Husky and the Great Dane. Usually intelligent animals that are easy to train and keen to learn. Due to their size, this dog breed may be unsuitable for small homes and young families.


Typical examples of this breed are the West Highland Terrier and Airedale Terrier. Terriers have a ‘typical’ personality of being a very energetic type of dog with a feisty side as well. Bred to hunt and kill small animals such as vermin they need courage and cunning of which they have plenty. Being a small dog, these dogs make good pets that will keep any owner on their toes!

The Toy or Small Dog Breeds

The most popular dog in this group is the Chihuahua. Often popular with celebrities, this diminutive dog is ideal for people who live in small apartments and city areas. Upkeep and care is significantly lower for a larger dog, as are the grooming and exercise needs. Other varieties of dog in this group are the Pomeranian, Bichon Frise etc. Toy dogs often prove to be the perfect companion.

Non – Sporting Breeds

This breed is often varied and diverse. This group includes the Dalmatian, Chow Chow and Boston terrier. Due to their diversity, it is difficult to group them into a personality, or describe overall character. With varied coats, sizes and function, this group of dogs has something for everyone.

Herding Dogs

This is the newest of the dog breed groups acknowledged by the AKC in 1983. Bred purely to act as animal herding dogs, they possess fantastic adaptation and function. A great example is the Corgi, set low with the ability to control much larger animals whilst keeping out of harms way. Collies are another good example. Very intelligent and keen to learn, whilst faithful and dependant at the same time, they make great companions and are usually good with children.

Miscellaneous Class

This class of dogs includes breeds which have yet to achieve full status within the AKC. When the AKC decides that a dog breed belongs to a certain group, they are moved from the miscellaneous class.

Within each of these classifications of dogs, there are several different varieties. With this much information and choice, it’s no wonder people have difficulty deciding which type of dog to get.

If you have a look around the site, you will find lots of information to help you choose what sorts of dogs there are, and what would be right for you. There are articles describing different dog breeds, all about the American Kennel Club, lots of help and advice for when you have bought your new dog. There are tips on dog training, grooming, caring for you dogs health and lots more.

You may already have a rough idea about the types of dogs that appeal to you. Before you decide though, have a look around the site to see what other dog breeds there are. If you’ve set your heart on a particular dog breed, have a look through the articles and advice section. There’s information about how to choose the right dog breeder, had you considered adopting a dog?.

Owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience. Take your time and have a good look around the site, there’s lots of info to help you choose your dog, and what to do when you take your dog home.

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