Stop Your Dog from Begging

There is one thing that all dogs have in common; they eat almost anything off the table or the ground. While you are sitting at home with your family, this is acceptable, but what do you do when you have guests over, or have a dinner party?

A dog that is always begging for food or scraps is an embarrassment. You need to teach your dog not to beg. And if he does beg for food or scraps, then you need to rectify this with appropriate training.

Dogs follow a hierarchy, where the alpha male is right on top of the hierarchy and the beta follows. The laws of nature for animals suggest that only after the alpha has eaten, the food gets distributed to the rest of the pack. This is done after the alpha’s permission is sought. The alpha shows his superiority by growling or snapping his teeth.

How to Stop Your Dog From Begging

When you have a dog, you need to portray yourself as the alpha leader. The dog has to respect you and your decision. This could be with regards to food or any other activity. Remember that when you are too relaxed with your dog’s behavior of taking food from the table, this gives your pooch the impression that you are not disturbed with him snatching food from the table. Do not encourage your dog’s bad habit.

Follow a consistent pattern with your dog. The dog should not be confused with your behavior. You cannot expect your dog to know when it is appropriate to beg and when it is not. The best is to not encourage your dog at all. This is because not only you will end up more frustrated with your dog, but your dog too will only be confuse

Dogs have the strongest sense of smell. They can smell just about anything from miles away. And food is something they respond to in seconds. If a dog smells food, to him it means that he has to approach it. The key is to never let your dog approach the food; you need to nip the habit early. If you allow your dog to do this even once, then it becomes a habit with the dog and later it becomes a problem.

Though dogs do not have a problem digesting human food, it is not exactly ‘good’ for them. It does not give them the right nutrition, nor is it a balanced meal. Dogs need a diet of fat and protein. Commercial dog food manufacturers know the right percentage and keep this in mind while making the food. So if you think that by sneaking in that extra piece of chicken to your pet at dinner time you are supplementing his diet, you are wrong.

You need to teach your dog not to beg and you need to teach him in the same manner as you would teach him discipline. You need to command your dog’s respect. Use voice commands like “go”, “sit” and “stay” to make your dog respond to you. Modulate your voice so that your dog knows when you are angry and annoyed. When your dog responds to your command while you are trying to teach your dog not to beg, do not reward him with doggie treats and snacks. Make sure your dog understands this is serious business and not some trick you are teaching him.

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